Kia ora I'm Christa McKirland, a lecturer in Systematic Theology, and I'm Jonny Weir, the Director of Ministry Training at your Carey Baptist College. We're excited to introduce our new course which we are planning to offer in Semester two this year.* It’s called "Introduction to Christian Leadership," and the course brings together Bible, theology, and ministry practice.

A unique course offering

Throughout my nearly 40 years of ministry leadership and training, I (Jonny Weir) have been searching for a New Zealand based course that intentionally integrates the highest quality biblical and theological foundations with hands-on practical ministry leadership skills. Carey Baptist College is planning to deliver just that! Our faculty of experienced ministry leaders and scholars has collaborated to develop a Christian Leadership course that expertly balances theoretical foundations with practical application. This integrated approach ensures that students gain a deep understanding of biblical principles and develop the essential skills to effectively lead and serve.

Theory and practice united

Our course is designed to equip students with a deep understanding of biblical and theological principles, enabling them to apply them in various ministry contexts. It's like learning math - we want students to understand the underlying theory, not just memorize answers. This approach allows them to adapt and apply their knowledge in different situations.

Ensemble faculty approach

One exciting dynamic that sets our course apart is the ensemble nature of our faculty involvement. Students will have access to every Carey faculty member in their area of specialisation. Our scholars are also practitioners who will guide students in thinking through what leadership looks like in different contexts. All for the price of just $240! That’s only $20 per class and is heavily discounted from the usual price of $859.

Laying breadcrumbs from theory to practice

Throughout the first half of the course, we'll drop 'breadcrumbs' that link big ideas to real-life situations. For example, we'll explore how seeing God as the ultimate leader changes our own leadership approach. We'll introduce this idea, then come back to it later in the second half of the term, building on it to create a solid understanding - the 'full loaf'! By doing so, you’ll be encouraged to translate theory into actionable tools, applicable in your unique context.

Join the conversation and invite others

We encourage you to start thinking about how you might benefit from this course, and who else could join you. You can study this within a CareyLocal cohort (gather a group of people at your church or place of ministry and study together), or study as an individual distance student. Leadership is a team sport, and we believe this course will be incredibly impactful not only for individuals but also for the entire church. Let's start a conversation and build momentum around this exciting opportunity!

*Pray for this course

This course is currently going through the various formal external approval processes. We need this approval to be able to go ahead. So, please pray that this course will be approved in a timely manner, so we can launch this exciting initiative in time for semester 2 (23 July 2024). And please pray that through this course the Lord equips many people with the convictions, skills, practices and posture to lead faithfully and fruitfully in Jesus ’name!

Watch Christa and Jonny talk about this

There a short 3-minute video about this new course online here.

Listen to Carey lecturers preach

Carey's new podcast show opens a window into the Carey world: "Each week as a college, we gather in our chapel to hear great biblical preaching from our faculty and guests. This year (2024), our preaching theme is ‘Mentored for Ministry’. We’re working our way through the pastoral letters of Timothy and Titus, exploring how an experienced leader affirms, guides and challenges younger colleagues into faithfulness and effectiveness in their ministry contexts. We hope you find this as stimulating as our students do!"

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